In April 2016 we took out first hosted tour to Cambodia! We plan on running two or three of these trips each year now giving a travel experience like no other.

We ask each participant to fundraise $2,000 to go towards the charity and best of all you get to see where your money goes! On these trips we take in the best tourist destinations in Cambodia and immerse ourselves in the village where Cows for Cambodia is set up.

You will work with the cows and families, participate in vaccinations and pregnancy testing of the cows, delivering rice to the village families as well as visit the local school. We even encourage all of you to take an English lesson with the kids whilst you are there!! We will do the rice runs and give away tonnes of rice to families who have next to nothing. We finish these tours with one of our famous VILLAGE FEASTS where we shout the village dinner. During the night the local monks come and do a blessing of the Bull and cows – a spine tingling moment!